Concerning the Temple Mount & Peace Solutions



by William Mohlenhoff

This is a message to the United States President, Congress and the American people concerning what the Christian Bible teaches about peace between Israel and its neighbors prior to the 7-year Apocalypse of the End Time Prophecies. Also, with significant background in Navy aircraft carrier air war and weapon system design and development planning, we submit complete suggestions regarding the means to settle for peace in the Mid-East. Only a complete understanding of religious beliefs and intentions of the believers will lead to the peace we are seeking in the Mid-East.

Israel finally regained sovereignty of part of their land on May 14, 1948 due to the conquering of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey during World War I by the U.K., then the U.K. resultant management of the land of Israel after World War I. Also then, the Balfour Resolution after that war sought sovereignty for Israel, and England finally bestowed the sovereignty after World War II. The Balfour resolution actually called for Israel having all of its land areas returned, but the UN unwisely gave the West Bank to the Palestinians, Gaza to Egypt and all land east of the Jordan River to a newly established nation, Jordan.

Many Palestinians migrated to Jordan. All of the now militant Palestinians could have migrated there and could then be in no conflict with Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah are puppets of Iran who must not be part of the problem of settling the peace. They must be removed from power in the lands adjacent to Israel.

These decisions of the UN were not workable in that they have led to a fractured population of the land of Israel and friction between the Moslems and the Jewish and Christian believers. Also, the Moslem religion has a militant terrorist element and a Jihad doctrine in the Koran. Furthermore, Iran has announced a vendetta against Israel and is intending nuclear annihilation of Israel to cause the return of the 12th IMAM. The Ayatollahs and their spokesman, Ahmadinejad, make their intentions completely clear.

Jesus Christ said in Matthew Chapter 24 that a generation will not pass until all of the End Time Apocalypse events are carried out, implying from other passages that this statement is timed from the return of Israel to its own land and sovereignty. This is then the lead-in to the Apocalypse of the End-Times. Of course, true Christians do believe in the inerrancy of the entire Old and New Testament Bible, even though there are scoffers, atheists and apathetic Christians who ignore the prophecies.

The culture of Europe and the U.S. has degraded following the end of the depression and the World War II period, especially caused by motion picture, television and internet influences. Political party extremism and desire of many politicians to always work for re-election as the highest priority for their time are primary problems foreseen by the Founders. The founders wanted term limits and shorter times in Washington D.C.; Yet, term limits are not likely to be voted in by Congress. The Congress prefers the tendency that voters will return their known politicians to the Congress. It would take a referendum to change the term limits. The referendum could be successful if extra terms were allowed for higher majority vote percentages in reelections to terms successive to the term limits.

Many of the present politicians seem to prioritize party affiliations and reelection campaigning rather than concentration on the decline of the nation’s economy, security and many other problems.  Healthy cultural and governmental management demands much more wisdom and understanding than is presently applied by many politicians. Yet, the primary underlying factor causing the degradation of the culture and solution of the nation’s problems is the population’s weakening of faith in a higher Being and a second eternal life in the presence of the Creator/Redeemer GOD.

Conformance with the Creator’s plan is essential to a pleasant second life rather than an extremely unpleasant eternal existence; therefore there is a constraining factor in our behavior. The Christian faith is the only one that clearly demonstrates a plan down through the millennia via a chosen family that would expand into a nation providing GOD’s redemption plan. His plan is to save us from our errant wills through the life, death and resurrection of Himself in the form of a tangible son, Jesus Christ. The Jews still believe in animal sacrifice because they had this means of seeking redemption from evil acts, but Jesus came to change the need for such sacrifices by the magnificent gesture of His voluntary  crucifixion, burial and resurrection. Only belief in His gesture of self-sacrifice is needed.

The prophecies, those already occurring and those planned in the End Times just ahead of us, are best regarded as a plan of the Creator/Redeemer that He has caused, and will cause in detail, when the scheduled occurrence and associated preparatory details are finalized. Yet, some Christians say that the Creator sees all of world history in a panorama from beginning to end, in advance of occurrence.

The latter belief leads to Calvinism, which teaches that each of us are given roles that we are destined to play; we are then either saved for Heaven in a second lifetime or predestined to fail to believe and conform to God’s plan; therefore destined to an alternative eternal second life in Hell. Hell, as defined by Jesus Christ is a place of everlasting punishment, of a nature that has not been completely described in the Bible, but Jesus Christ uses the metaphor ‘everlasting fire’ to describe the torment there.

It should also be remarked that the Creator does not prophesy by crystal ball or carry out prophecy through magical acts. He sets the plan with events that are sometimes detailed and sometimes generalized, the latter apparent in the case of the time left to experience the Apocalypse. He causes acts that may appear to be magical or supernatural, but they certainly cannot fail to follow the laws of science that He Himself created. Hopefully, this assurance from Bible interpretation will bring our Creator/Redeemer’s nature into adequate focus to believe and avoid the Apocalypse and eternal punishment.

Regardless of whether we are dealing with a Creator plan or Calvinistic beliefs, the world situation now closely tracks the nominal generation of some 70-plus years or more from Israel’s new possession of its land, as mortality data will approximate the lifetimes. If we could use accurate average life expectancy data, we could estimate the beginning and end following the Apocalypse by considering the lifetime of an infant born in Israel when Israel took the sovereign control of its promised land on May 14, 1948.

The end of the present ‘generation’ terminology in Israel may then be longer, though certainly soon enough not to ignore it. Therefore the word “generation” is a more general and flexible one.

The Creator does not always schedule in precise timing. He scheduled many activities on approximate timing; yet, some of the most critical, like the above declaration by Jesus Christ, were not scheduled in detail. He did schedule the Olivet Discourse, or lecture on the End Times to His disciples as an event of preparation for His departure.

The lecture to His disciples was related to the precise timing of the ride on the donkey into Jerusalem as King of the Jews a few days before His Crucifixion. The triumphant entry and the ejection of the moneychangers from the Temple also were events carried out to cause the Romans and Jewish hierarchy to schedule the crucifixion events. He caused them to schedule these events with precise timing. Furthermore, He scheduled the betrayal of His disciple, Judas.

The prophecy of the donkey ride and the crucifixion were exactly timed, as prophesied by the Angel Gabriel to the prophet, Daniel; the prophecies were actually given about 500 years before Jesus Christ. The last chapters of the prophets Daniel, Zechariah and others are also notable references for GOD’s End Time detailed planning. The Book of Revelation is of course the prime reference.

Other prophecy preferably should be studied for purposes of estimating the general timing of the Apocalypse according to Christ’s Fig Tree parable, an allegorical story in Matthew 24.

This Fig Tree parable was given just before His crucifixion, telling His disciples and us, through their writing, that we can estimate the departure of true Christians approximately, according to this guidance. Then the ten Virgin parable in the next chapter, is guidance for us to anticipate this 'Rapture' event just prior to the approximate timing of the events leading to the 7-year Apocalypse, the catching-up, (or Rapture, from Rapturo, in Latin), of the true Christians. The estimate of Rapture imminence is obviously according to what is happening in the world, especially in and around Israel. The changing of the world scene in GOD’s schedule is represented by the metaphorical leaves turning green on the fig tree, in spring.

The true Christians who will prepare for the Rapture must have Holy Spirit guidance and be working to sanctify themselves after they believe and request to be forgiven for their infractions of GOD’s laws. These laws are stated in the Ten Commandments and specific laws given to the Jews; they are also explained through the accounts of various events and people of the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible.

To be included in the Rapture, these true Christians must believe in, and prepare their minds for the Rapture in accordance with the 10 Virgin parable in Matthew Chapter 25. They must be living lives in a way that will sanctify them to the extent possible in their Christian life. They must convey the understanding of the prophecies to others to the extent of their abilities, according to the parable of the talents, Matthew chapter 25. They must be working to rid themselves of sin, even though they will never reach perfection. Yet, this does not mean that they must become Nuns and Monks. They can continue their profession if it is compatible with the End Time preparation in any way, including funding of Christian work to help others understand the End Time Prophecies. If they are not ready to be raptured, they may deny the marking of their bodies by the Antichrist and be saved, though they will live in terror and possibly will have to die in martyrdom.

In fact, it is not possible for GOD to define the laws adequately for us always to obey them. For example, how can we defend ourselves if we do not ever do bodily harm? When is it proper to kill adversaries in war? Do we just accept defeat or death rather than willingly participate in deadly combat for our nation? Who would fight our wars if we did not accept killing others? How are we protected from harm by others if we do not have police or military to use deadly force when needed? God did have the armies of Israel cleanse the land by having wars in the Old Testament days against idol worshippers and secular atheists.

Did Jesus sin when he gleaned grain from a field that had been harvested on the Sabbath? Could He heal others on the Sabbath? Did He sin when He threw the money-changers out of the Temple? Where is the line between pride and self-respect?

How can we know where GOD draws the line? It must be our intention to sanctify ourselves from sin to the extent possible, receiving instruction from the Bible and His Holy Spirit, and believing in the only One who can judge us without error because He demonstrated His love for us clearly when He suffered and died to relieve us of sin’s just punishment. He then showed us how we will all be resurrected to live with Him in eternity.
The land of Israel was given to the Patriarch of Israel, Abraham, about 4,000 years ago. The May 1948 return of Israel was prophesied in many Old Testament prophecies. All prophecies of the Bible are according to a plan of the Creator God, a Spirit Being, and His tangible self, Jesus Christ. All previous specific Bible prophecy has been accurate to the day and to specific details, given reason to count the days and note the details, from analyses by Bible experts.

The book written by this author, with pen-name Will Hoffmill, “Omega Chronicles” is self-published, with printing by, where it can be purchased. Letters and the book were sent to the previous President, emphasizing that the road to peace in Israel with its Moslem neighbors must begin with agreement that all religions and their divisions must co-exist, or war is inevitable.

There must be no violence between and among the coexisting peoples. This is a spiritual matter and it cannot be understood or negotiated through secular means and secular representatives, ignoring sacred and spiritual beliefs by the parties. True Christians do not ignore these factors. Christians should challenge others to act in mutual co-existence with other beliefs, but be prepared to describe and compare beliefs at any opportunity, to help others understand the one true GOD and His plan for our eternal existence in His presence.

While we do not agree among the belief systems and with secular leaders and representatives, the peace negotiators must agree to require only soft explanation and presentation of beliefs, accepting co-existence in their governments and in sacred areas. One belief should not be discussed in schools without also equally, accurately describing the others. Yet, those within a government should be represented in proportion to aggregated numbers of believers to the extent possible, while governed mostly through secular decisions.

The idea of a “wall between church and state” is not a provision in the U. S. Government’s Constitution; it applies only to issues that do not affect the basic belief in a Creator and Redeemer. Amendments to the Constitution were then added to guarantee our personal freedoms. The First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution is quoted here because we will show that it also applies to the issues in the Mid-East:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

This basic amendment of the U. S. Constitution also ably defines, through appropriate connotation, how we must similarly find world agreement. Our forefathers wisely defined the principles involved. These laws taken from our Bill of Rights Amendments to our Constitution often are only partially quoted or para-phrased and they are not being taken literally in the U. S. Their meaning is clearly ignored by most of our political factions and news broadcasts.

Paraphrasing as follows may help us to point out these basic truths needed in coming to agreement to live and let live next to other beliefs. We are dealing with, (1), freedom from religious persecution by the state’s preference for any one set of beliefs or specific variations of the beliefs; (yet, they should pay less specific attention to those who would try to litigate a counter-culture minority view as having the same following as the majority views); and, (2), freedom to practice any chosen belief; also;( 3), the Amendment guarantees free expression, permitting full expression of all beliefs anywhere, including public areas.

The ACLU has improperly defined this set of provisions in a way that is designed to eliminate Christian expression, but generally allows all other beliefs, especially secular beliefs and minority expression that displace Christianity. The Christian faith of our forefathers who drafted these amendments to our Constitution is being ignored or denigrated. They must be rolling over in their graves.

In further problems with the secular and evolutionist beliefs, the educational system of the U.S. is not permitted to scientifically compare Creator belief with evolutionist theory that does not define the starting point of origins. Instead, the evolutionist-atheist must actually claim that there had to have been some substance and laws, or at least some scientific means that allowed the beginning and evolving of the universe, earth, life and man, all without any intelligent input. Yet, how did the substance and laws design themselves? Is it illogical to believe that there must have been intelligence applied in the design of the Universe, Earth, Life and humankind? How do we ignore the very important indications that we have a spiritual inner being driving our hopes and plans to live beyond this life? Science should explore Creationism as well as Darwinism in their studies of the initiation of the universe, earth, life and humankind.

Thus, the scientific community must examine the questions in detail concerning whether Intelligence or substance and laws of behavior existed first. We recognize that atheism or Darwinism also is a belief system, one that cannot yet define a starting point before the Big Bang.

Most scientists and most learned Christians now believe that the Big Bang was the starting point of substance, energy, space and time and the laws that governed them. For Christians who believe in science as far as it goes, the first verse in the Bible refers to the Big Bang and the formation of the galaxy, solar system and the planets from which the earth was chosen as the platform for plant, animal and man.

At this first verse in the Bible we therefore find common ground for belief, but before that point we differ, because science has not found the physical answers leading to the Big Bang event. There are plausible theories, but apparently there are no ways to prove them as the explanation for the universe and earth as we see them. Therefore, the real derivation of the means of initiating the life requirements for man; the water, oxygen, distance from the sun and temperature variations, climate of the earth and cycles of precipitation, etc, many factors essential to life as we know it as its inhabitants, are crucial to GOD’s plan.

Emphatically, there are many more such parameters of the earth and its relationship in the solar system that must be there for man’s support and his survival. This is why the second verse in the Bible discussing the Creation events in general terms deals with GOD’s selection of a murky mass of substance. HE sees what may be one of just a few planets in formation around a sun that will have the essential characteristics to deliver the environmental requirements for man’s existence when the mass forms from the substance and other parameters. To quote the Bible; “the earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep; and the Spirit of GOD moved upon the face of the waters”, (waters meaning space, substance in space and the other key substantive requirements that are forming in a way that GOD can assure Himself that earth will be satisfactory for His plan).

The result of these two first steps, what is recorded or at least allegorically described in Genesis Chapter One, was that GOD could see what would cause the entire framework of the requirements of the Universe, earth, life and mankind. He therefore must have designed man as the first step of His design of all of the rest. Of course, this means that HE had already conceived of the entire plan and the first step of Creation would be the detailed design of mankind. Therefore, how did all of this complex universe, earth, life and man become what we have seen since these steps?

Darwinism or atheism, an impossibility when the detailed steps of the entire process are reviewed, is therefore a trivial fourth belief system in our discussion of the three monotheistic faiths and their co-existence. While atheism must often be accommodated in laws, it certainly is not essential to discuss it in peace negotiations that deal with the other beliefs. Of course, there are also other beliefs that begin with a Creator God and a second life, other than the Islamic belief, that must be allowed to exist in our society. We do not need to consider the other beliefs in current Mid-East peace negotiations and therefore secular negotiator’s and agnostic indifference are not appropriate to peace negotiations.

Where do the laws of the universe and life come from? Answer; only intelligence can plan and execute the plan for creation of a universe, earth, life and mankind. For instance, the first cells of creation are similar to machines that we design, requiring a designer. The reason for creation should be explored; this writer submits that the Christian Bible defines the reasons: a need of the intelligent Being for a loving relationship with other beings, (John 3:16 and Matthew 22:36-40, Christian Bible).

What is then the redemption that Christianity requires for eternal life with the Creator? Answer; to develop the willing contribution to always seek the common good that develops this love and coop-erative relationship. Each being involved must have free will that always acts for the common good.  Obviously, we are born with a will that works only for each of us, personally, from the time we cry for food and other comfort until we grow and want many other things summarized here as: power, prestige, pride, possession and pleasure, 5 p’s.

We must undergo a change from willing for self and begin willing to meet the goals of the Creator “with all of our hearts, souls and minds and our neighbor as ourselves”. (see Matthew 22:36-40, Christian Bible.) The mission of Jesus Christ was to lead us to the spiritual change that will turn our willing for ourselves to willing for the ‘common good’ and love for the Creator as the eternal sovereign who will lead us to the true ‘common good’ for all; Himself included.

This belief system tolerance for co-existence is a key to the achievement of peace in the regions of the Mid-East. Co-existence does not mean concessions or evangelism in regard to beliefs or details of beliefs; it means closeness as to location and cooperation in secular matters, without conflict. We must therefore carefully teach that no change in belief systems is implied by co-existence.

The negotiation to co-exist with others having other beliefs, excluding atheism, should begin directly with the Temple Mount in East Jerusalem. This is the nucleus sacred site of the total land division problem between Israel and the Moslems. In Iraq, Iran and elsewhere, in the sects of the Moslems and between the Moslems and Israel and the USA, all must find accommodation to stop war and terrorism. We summarize this here but detail it in our book and documents that we can send to you.

Present peace negotiations are stalled because of the hatred built up over this past century by Moslem extremist teaching in the mosques. The extremist or radical Moslem hatred stems from, or at least uses their militant references in the Koran to justify their hate and “Jihad”. They also want to eject Israel from the land that they have claimed is properly theirs, or they want to “kill all of the "Zionists". Their claim to the West Bank is tenuous at best. They teach forceful transfer to their beliefs and world domination. We must find the means to cause peaceful Moslems to control the Extremists.

According to the 4,000-year-old Biblical accounts of what land Israel was assigned in the Covenant of God with the patriarch, Abraham, the nation of Israel was to include all of the land north to the Euphrates River in Iraq and south to the “ River of Egypt”, (the Nile); and also from the west to the Mediterranean Sea and to the East including most of Jordan.

The division of the Biblical land of Israel was not intended by the British management of what was then called “Palestine”. The land of Israel was defined in many books of the Bible. Israelis had been driven from their land by the Roman leaders in 0070, and by the rejection of their majority to the deity of Jesus Christ. The previous Ottoman Turk sovereignty was a factor. The unfounded claim to displace Israel from their native land given to them by their Creator is especially egregious in the East Jerusalem sacred sites and other traditional and sacred areas of the Jews and Christians, especially the Temple Mount site.

Also a critical factor in the sovereign control of East Jerusalem, the terrain is high there and, if the Palestinians were to occupy the terrain, they could wantonly continue to kill Jews as they are doing in Gaza. Yet, the terrain factors also then would allow this terrorism to be carried out with rifles, mortars, even hand grenades. Easy access would be there for suicide bombing. The death rate for Israelis would be much higher there than that from Gaza, the latter primarily with small unguided rockets.

Jealousy and hate for the western world democratic economic success and politically correct permissive culture is also a primary factor in Moslem extremism and terrorism. We need to evaluate which of these factors is actually dominant. We can change only some culture factors, not the beliefs.

The importance of the faith and belief factors can best be tested in negotiating a sharing of the Temple Mount in East Jerusalem. The sharing must not give the East Jerusalem area with its sacred sites to the Moslems. The negotiations should be conducted along with a project that locates the previous Temples of the Jews on the Temple Mount. Present indications are that the northern Temple Mount site is the most likely location for several important reasons. Agreement should be among the UN, Israel and allies of Israel; USA and Britain, et al, and the Moslem nations.

In exchange for full and exclusive walled access or tunnels to the Moslem buildings on the south end of the 35-40 acre Temple Mount from the West Bank Samaritan areas, outside of the East Jerusalem border, Israel must be permitted to rebuild their Temple clear of the Moslem buildings. The Christian Bible, in Revelation 11:1 and 2 indicates that this sharing will extend into the End Time prophecy Tribulation, or Apocalypse . The inerrancy of Bible prophecies indicates that the Creator would not prophesy this sharing in Revelation Chapter 11, verses 1 and 2, if He did not want this sharing or believe it essential to His prophecy plan. He would not include this requirement without a plan to permit it, and even cause it.

Then, with agreement, the opposing Creator belief systems can all worship in their own way through partitioning of the Temple Mount to separate the Israeli and Moslem buildings. While Orthodox Jews believe that the Moslem Dome of the Rock building is occupying the site of the previous 2 Temples of the Jews, there is strong indication that the two previous Temples occupied sites to the North, or perhaps less likely, the site South of the Dome of the Rock. (See the TEMPLEMOUNT.ORG website). The evidence stems most directly from the King David purchase of the site for the Temple as that of a threshing floor in about 1,000 BC. The first Temple was then constructed by his son, Solomon, on this threshing floor site.

The 1967 6-day war ended in an astounding victory for Israel and defeat for the militant Moslem neighbors. The win by Israel could only have been accomplished in this timing and result with GOD’s intervention. However, Moshe Dayan, the secular conqueror for Israel, made a grievous error in assigning the Temple Mount surface to the Moslems for the next 7 years. The Moslems hang on to this surface and react violently when any Jews attempt to visit the Mount for prayer and try to determine the exact site of the previous 2 Temples. If assured that they may maintain their buildings on the Temple Mount they would be likely to resort to peaceful co-existence.

The UN should have overridden the Moslems in retaining sole possession of the mount surface, but the number of surrounding Moslem nations has been dominant in the UN decision-making.

The threshing floor was surely the best structural rock base for the heavy high walls of the rock Temple on the west end. The proper site also requires a relatively flat, clean and smooth surface in King David’s day to catch the grain and sweep it up after the sheaves are crushed and tossed into the air to allow the chaff to blow away.

The Moslem claim to the Temple Mount site is from a myth that Mohammed stopped there on his way
to Heaven with the Angel Gabriel on a flying horse in 632 AD. The Moslem belief sector of the world population is about half that of the Christians and Jews, whose claim dates from about 1,000 B.C. Thus, there are much stronger justifications for the sole occupancy of the Temple Mount by the Jews and their Christian supporters. Yet, Revelation 11:1-2 are quite clear that the Tribulation Temple will be built clear of the present Moslem buildings which are on the south end of the Temple Mount.

The center site, where the Moslem Dome of the Rock Mosque stands, has been contaminated by pagan beliefs over the centuries; yet, the northern site of the Holy of Holies retains the names, “Dome of the Tablets” or “ Dome of the Spirits”, names that GOD would preserve, indicating that this was the site of the Holy of Holies of the two previous Temples. The Spirit of God was there in the Holy of Holies where the Stone Tablets of the Ten Commandments were enclosed in the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark was reserved for GOD in HIS Spiritual form.  His Shekinah Glory was seen at the Temple Holy of Holies when Solomon dedicated the Temple in about 970 BC. (For reference and further detail, see the first 7 chapters of the Book of 2 Chronicles in the Bible and Appendix D of the book, “Omega Chronicles”, under this author’s pen-name, Will Hoffmill.)

     The northern site of the Temple Mount appears best for this set of considerations because the Dome of the Rock middle site and southern sites appear unsuitable as threshing floors in the original terrain configurations, in accordance with our studies.

Also, Physicist Asher Kaufman, retired from the Hebrew University, has carefully and precisely studied the sites and selected the northern site as the one where remnants of the Temple foundation are still seen. Full evaluation is needed to confirm this information and judgment because Kaufman was not permitted by the Moslems to complete his studies. The location of the Temples can be derived through ground penetrating sensors, construction engineering, architectural studies and archeology.

Overall access control to the Temple Mount can best be from Israeli control of both West and East Jerusalem, with an access corridor through East Jerusalem to allow Moslems to have direct, unimpeded and partitioned access from the West Bank. The access for tourism demands this approach for the balanced good of tourists from all 3 faiths. The northern Temple location is clearly best for this partitioning.

Following agreement on the Temple Mount access, all 3 of these Creator-believing faiths can then apportion other land via sacred site separations to retain the primary sacred sites of each faith in the areas that they will occupy as the separate state lands. Safety from rockets and other weapons should also be considered. Where conflict in regard to sacred value is a problem, sharing or trade-offs between sites is indicated. The means of setting up the Palestinian state and moving people as necessary to separate the Palestinians and Jews will then protect the primary sacred sites of the alternative faiths. Funds to move populations for separation should be from U. N. and U. S. finance and Moslem petroleum sources.

Conferences of those nations involved and their supporting allies, and the United Nations, would be needed to stress the proposed essential attitude changes. The attitude changes require all Moslems to actively reject violence of the Jihad extremists about beliefs. The Moslems must develop tolerance in the sharing of the land areas. No peace can be achieved without this approval that Israel may occupy its land as essential to their safety. Israel would have to share the Temple Mount and their lands originally provided to them by the Creator God of their faith.

We should never take the position with the Moslems that they believe in the same GOD that we worship. Their god was selected by Mohammed as one of over 300 pagan gods, called Allah. They have no concept or precept in their faith that calls for a tangible form of GOD who redeems us once we believe in His first step of offering the Redemption through a very horrible death on a Roman cross. This extremely humble, highly visible, and unselfish arrangement by Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, to be crucified for our redemption is SACRED to the Christian faith. The Christian faith is based on the true Creator and Redemptive GOD and therefore Christian believers cannot accept a universal belief that all religions are acceptable for eternal life with the Creator. Peace conferences must then lead to sharing of the Temple Mount with a corridor to partitioned areas between Jewish/Christian access areas and Moslem access corridors and buildings.

All persons entering these areas must be under control, which requires that one nation should control this approach access, but be responsible to the others and the UN. Obviously, that nation must be Israel, except in entering the corridor to the Temple Mount from the West Bank areas of the Palestinian state, under UN Security Council rules and oversight. A guarded gate from this access corridor via Israel can be added for Moslem or visitor access.

Israel must control air and vehicle entry to the entire area and thus all approaches of visitors to sacred sites of the Jews and Christians. Corridors from airfields and sacred sites in the other ‘s areas can be controlled as the UN may help decide, following Israeli proposals to the UN Security Council. These United Nations Security Council decisions on rules must be based on understanding of these belief system factors.

United States participation in the Security Council must be according to their contribution of funds and military capability directly under U. S. control. See our book and Power Point presentation definition of this proposed UN Security Council modification that would derive directly from the “seven Heads and ten horns” prophecies of the books of Daniel in the Old Testament and Revelation in the new Testament.

Conference results would stress the removal of hate attitudes from the belief systems as inconsistent with the teachings of the Judeo/Christian Bible and the compatible precepts of the Koran.

It must be remembered that the Moslem faith regards Jesus Christ as a prophet and many Jews who are not Christians also regard Christ as a revered teacher. The Christian faith regards Him as GOD or the Son Of GOD in the flesh Who came to redeem us from our self-willing errors. Christians pray for Holy Spirit guidance in immediate or gradual removal of our errors as we apply our wills to meet the Creator goals for pleasant relationships in eternal life.

Thus, a major first step in the direction of the Mid-East peace negotiations is to consider joint access to the Temple Mount in East Jerusalem. Approval of all surrounding nations for Israel to rebuild the Temple of the Jews on the Temple Mount in East Jerusalem is the primary defining agreement that will begin the successful ‘roadmap’ journey to peace.

In addition, the Jews and Christians would require that all sacred areas of their faiths should be under the full control of Israel for tourism and visitation by all believers, with full protection of the sacred sites. Israel must be charged with fairness to all, yet a committee of the three faiths and one secular member should settle issues that require resolution to override Israel, if the issue is deemed to be within the purview of the committee. Appeal to the U. N. has shown bias of the nations voting on resolutions against Israel. The Security Council must be totally fair in these matters and thus the members must be balanced for this fairness, or the U. S. should not even have a membership in the UN. Please reference our book “Omega Chronicles” or a Power Point presentation that we can also supply to define this organizational concept.

Further, we would like to emphasize, in full agreement with many others, that there is no point in having U. S. and Israel talks with Iran and Syria until they stop nuclear, biological and chemical major effect weapon development. The latter must turn from attempts to cause the apocalypse them- selves. The End-Times seven years will be caused by God and Satan, in their respective roles, in response to the acts of the other parties. Until the Moslem parties renew their massive effects weapons development or the Antichrist forces renounce their peaceful roles, the peace will prevail. However, the parties will again become adversaries through the Moslem attempts to control the Mid-East and the oil there. They have stated that they intend to destroy Israel and expand to other areas, and also attack the U.S.

Statements by Ahmadinejad are obviously leading to direct destruction of Israel unless we preempt the attacks against Israel with at least a full conventional, non-nuclear air campaign, aimed at destroying their nuclear and missile sites prior to full development. Israel reportedly does not have enough aircraft systems and weapons of the right type to take on Iran alone, at the distances involved.

A ground campaign also might then be needed to remove other local regimes such as Hamas and Hezbollah, especially if Iran is still able to continue the nuclear program. It should be remarked here that this would be the ‘stick’ of the ‘carrot and stick’ program; the carrot being that of the Temple Mount and related discussion above. (These remarks stem from the training of horses.). As President Teddy Roosevelt stated it, “walk softly but carry a big stick”.

The Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group (ISG) during the Iraq war period recommended that the Mid-East nations be gathered in a conference to discuss peaceful co-existence. It is not likely that anything can be accomplished if Iran and Syria are included, though ISG recommended their participation. The lack of Iran and Syria invitation probably would not isolate them and cause them to reconsider their extreme position in the Mid-East group of nations; though this is the way that the ISG recommendations should be revised now. The statement of full intentions to isolate them would not be sufficient unless they agree to permit other beliefs in their nation and the nations around them. They must drop the ‘12th Imam’ threat to cause the End Times Tribulation.

One very important area not addressed in the ISG report is the employment of air and sea power. This is a significant oversight problem of those who are not totally familiar with the newest developments in air power and ship-launched missiles. The fact is that no other nation can even come close to what the USA has developed and produced in air and sea weapons and delivery aircraft. USA has a tremendous advantage over other nations, if this capability is used properly. This U. S. capability can be a major deterrent to continued threats by Iran that they will cause another Israeli holocaust, but we must show real determination to employ these weapon systems if peace is not achieved through negotiations.

Unfortunately also, ground and sea commanders who often control the employment of the total forces  may not always fully appreciate what airpower can do, when properly integrated with intelligence and ground forces. Intelligence must locate key targets in advance. Then new tactics and associated weapons now fully available for them to destroy nuclear capabilities are available, especially to the U. S.

These target location and weapons delivery methods employ spies and special force units and drones equipped with lasers that can find terrorist cells and determine GPS coordinates. Then, ship missile delivery can be employed. Also, aircraft pinpoint accuracy with GPS or laser spotting of air targets can be employed with airborne aircraft. These targets can be underground facilities, headquarters or other buildings and weapons assembly points, or other key targets. An example was the air targeting and killing of the Al Qaeda leader Zarqawi in Iraq through direct spotting for F-16 laser bomb delivery.

For the coming war, however, fixed base aircraft like the F-16 are subject to missile attack that will cause major damage to aircraft on the ground and support facilities. Aircraft carriers must be utilized to the extent possible in the next war that will probably start when Iran is ready to attack Israel. The motion of the Aircraft Carriers at high speeds is a significant advantage in the scenario that we face in the Persian Gulf and other areas within reach of the prime targets.

A very important observation is that when we turn over the security of nations like Iraq to the Iraqis, they would not have equivalent airpower to the U. S. They will also not have tanks, armored humvees and bulldozers, and major new weapons, especially missiles, unless we, or perhaps Israel supply them. We cannot provide our technology in air and ship weapons to all, some of whom may end up later as adversaries. However, they can help us with bases retained there.

Can we trade the hardware essential to Iraqi security for oil? Should we risk compromise of weapon advancements in this way? How much capability should we give them until we are sure that they are able to maintain a friendly democracy? We must have answers to these questions.

We also list the tactical and resulting strategic steps that we have learned and would take in regard to success in Iraq and other problem nations, whether called "victory" or not, as follows:

1.  Expand and perfect the capability to sweep through urban areas and clean out cells of militia and their weapons and supporters. We must use overwhelming numbers of troops sweeping houses and buildings in smaller areas where the militias are generally located. The troops involved must have sensors that can see potential opposition in the buildings. We would employ both coalition and local troops to sweep areas of the militias and detain them or kill them, if necessary. We must have sensors that can detect bombs that can be triggered by computers and telephones, etc.

Essential rules in the conduct of war include the, quote, "get there first with the most", requiring advanced Intelligence, surveillance and surprise actions in overwhelming forces, as a result of this set of military rules. Civilians located with the militias are obviously the population supporting their terrorism and they are not innocent civilians that should justify failing to use airpower and standoff weapons. These tactics of the terrorists cannot require failure to pursue essential military action.

The above tactical concepts should only be discussed very carefully in the open media for defeat of isolationism, after appropriate security review. The terrorist militias follow our media closely.

2.  U. S. and coalition troops can be embedded until we are sure that the new allies have the required ‘on the job' training. Coalition involvement and U. S. command and control must not be reduced until the friendly forces become fully equipped and proficient. Political factors should not dictate the conduct of war without full consideration of the effects on the military problems. Friendly forces must be expanded and take over as they can perform adequately with the equipment available. The percentages of coalition forces in the area sweeps should be determined with the help of intelligence in the urban areas. The U. S. forces should sweep where their weapon systems and special forces will be dominant factors in successful engagements, but trusted local observers should always accompany them for training.

3.  The generals thus should be concerned with the numbers of total forces, command and control, logistics, surveillance, intelligence and means of gaining surprise, etc, in prepared operating plans and orders. The plans should then determine the required force levels. Military planning is taught in the War Colleges, but may be neglected, or may not specifically be taught in conduct of this type of war.

4.  The generals must have forces that accomplish all of these means of defeating the terrorists through all of the cities and borders of Iran with other opposing nations. If they understand the problem they will ask for the troops, airpower, weapons and support to do the job that leads to rapid total defeat of the insurgents and militias. If they are weak in the planning or complete understanding of the problem, they should be retired from the scene. We actually may need a few generals like Patton, tempered with superiors having the overall military wisdom of General Petraus.

5.  The means of choosing the right Generals and Admirals should begin with the Joint Chiefs, but also should be evaluated for funding and logistics by the civilian hierarchy of the Pentagon, also retired generals and admirals. Previous Presidents and Congressional Retirees who are qualified, such as Senators McCain and Graham, would also be good advisors to the President. Achievement of final success depends on good counsel and determination to rid the world of terrorism.

In Viet Nam, the Joint Chiefs who had the experience were allowed to run the war, with support of the civilian hierarchy, but reporting to the President on strategy. Unfortunately, the Joint Chiefs were constrained by the Defense department politicians without adequate training and experience for discourse with the antiwar media and the popular opinion they were able to influence. The war was not beneficial as a result of the isolationist opposition to conduct of the war.

The present command mode of military operations apparently provides operating strategy development by the Secretary of Defense civilian organization. This change does not make the best use of military talent. The Secretary of Defense should build the military with direct recommendations from the Defense military departments, but should generally not try to develop strategy and tactics and the force levels required by the military needs.

It is possible that Secretary Rumsfeld limited the force levels too much through strong guidance to the military; however, he undoubtedly did change the nature and composition of the forces to maximize the mission effectiveness for the present type of warfare, at least cost. He was the right man until the Iraq territory was under adequate control and he has earned our respect. Yet, he did not have the background to judge that he needed overwhelming force for insurgencies after overall control was achieved.

6.  As to tactics, when we clean up a few urban blocks we should post troops and/or police to maintain only friendly access to the area and border sectors swept. We would expand the area swept until sure that we have cleaned out the militia weapons and IED caches and shops. The borders must actually be SEALED to stop delivery of weapons and money for salaries and support reaching militias from nations such as Iran and Syria.

7.  With adequate numbers of controlling troops, the terrorist factions will be killed, captured or dispersed into useful work, and not paid by sympathizers with cash passed through the borders. The money and supporting weapons reported to be coming into Afghanistan must be stopped at the borders so that Iran and Al Qaeda, mercenaries, etc, will seek other employment. We must have complete border control around Iran and throughout the Gulf and nations involved there.

8.  We should patrol and forcefully interdict any aircraft and ships from Iran or other Moslem nations going into Afghanistan, Palestinian areas or Syria and determine if they are carrying weapons, cash or other support for terrorists. We should board ships off our U. S. shores that appear to be hostile and may carry weapons of mass destruction.

9.  Finally, we will have encompassed and secured all of the urban areas where terrorist cells exist and we will have control of the borders and the cash flow and material from external sources. This cannot all be achieved with only local forces. It requires major ground, air and ship weapon System support until accomplished. ‘DEFEAT’ of the militias’ means that this total control has been achieved. This defeat is the ‘VICTORY’ we need to define and carefully explain to the media adequately and immediately.

It is the writer's general opinion, as a retired Navy Captain with combat in Korea and high level command experience in the Viet Nam Navy Carrier task force, CTF 77, that we do not provide anywhere near enough troops and support for forces there in combat areas. (This high staff position required monitoring all message traffic from Air Force and Army commands, all under CINCPAC FLEET in Hawaii and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to help generate proper responses to Viet Nam operational lessons. A significant amount of aircraft and weapons design and procurement experience has also been involved with weapons and aircraft requirements and integration of ground forces with air weapons. Many recommendations from the aircraft carrier command were thereby written and adopted later for procurement.)

We are still regarding the Afghanistan situation as one of smaller insurgencies and militias that can be cleaned up if given enough time. Yet, we no longer have as much time as needed because our liberal defeatists are trying to repeat the fiasco they caused in Viet Nam and the lack of adequate force levels early on in Iraq.

This position and all opinions expressed herein are bolstered through close tracking of Fox, CBN and other newscasts, but mainly because we were next senior to a competent 3-star Admiral in Viet Nam air operations. They are preliminary estimates, and a complete set of plans by an experienced staff is required to generate strategy, tactics and numbers carefully, but also with boldly considered options.

One thing is certain from experience to date, while we have defeated the Saddam forces with the weapon systems and troops involved, we did not have the numbers to adequately oppose all mid-east terrorist adversaries at one time. As an example, we did not plan to cover any increased Iraqi insurgency, as outlined herein, while also training and setting up Afghanistan forces adequate for the job there. Preparation and deployment of ground forces against Iran at the same time would require substantial operating and logistic forces, more than we should undertake without greater allied help.

Now we cannot allow Iran to build up Hamas, Hezbolah, Syria and others to cause a multiple ground force deployment to defeat and annihilate Israel. Most certainly, we cannot allow Iran to have any nuclear weapons at any level of capability because they can take out Israel with only a few nuclear missiles. There are hostile problems happening in the areas other than Iran that also are not now adequately opposed. North Korea may be such a problem. We must adamantly warn these terrorist states that we are in war with them and that they must surrender their intentions toward Israel and ourselves. We should discuss whether we should actually declare war on the terrorist states with announced nuclear war intentions.
It is likely that a short-term surge requirement, even now in Afghanistan, should be grown rapidly to many more troops as learned in Iraq, to finish the effort there. We could then leave Afghanistan except for bases needed in the ongoing defeat of Iran’s imperialism. Our aircraft would have the range to strike Iran’s defenses and nuclear sites if airfields are retained in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our fixed bases must have substantial reinforced concrete over the aircraft and essential operational, defensive and supply areas.

Substantial numbers of aircraft would actually cause less casualties in this prevention type of warfare through major weapon systems and sortie numbers that they would deploy to saturate defenses. Maximum use of aircraft carriers must be employed because it is difficult to effectively destroy a moving carrier, even with nuclear weapons. These forces should make the best use of airpower to take out appropriate targets, not excluding those where non-combatants sympathetic with terrorism may be with the opposing forces. This level of build-up would be a real warning to Iran and Al Qaeda that we mean to carry out the defeat of terrorism, regardless of our weaker political and media factions opposing and weakening our resolve. Strength and resolve in negotiations for peace are essential to its achievement.

It is understood that our forces have been reduced and are not as adequate for these mid-eastern deployments as they have been in the previous years. This is a situation in which major procurements and deployments are certainly required but may not even be as feasible as in the George W. Bush years.

The economic downturn in 2008 and subsequent years has caused major military force reductions instead of the military build-up needed in the succeeding several years ahead. While greater taxation of the wealthy comes immediately to the minds of many politicians, the only wealth that can readily be applied is that of the super-wealthy. This wealth must be applied if the super-wealthy are even to retain their wealth through these next years in which military needs should cause major increased funding. The security of the nation and civilization as we know it clearly are at stake.

The immediate solution to the liberal politicians is that of heavy taxation of these wealthy few. Yet, history has shown that these wealthy few cannot be taxed sufficiently to solve the problem without reducing the overall economy. Furthermore, these are the wealthy that can find the loopholes and just sit and grow their wealth with very little economic benefit to the nation. Their incentives are to find the top lawyers and accountants and continue to grow their wealth, though some may use a portion of their fortunes to assist in restoration of the poverty-stricken areas and also write off some of their wealth in entrepreneurial projects.

This writer holds an MBA in finance in addition to major military hardware procurement experience, requiring a habit of synthesis, top-down systems reasoning. He has studied the means of obtaining and applying opulent wealth in ways that will preserve the incentive for the wealthy to cooperate in financing the private entrepreneurship for job growth, for essential military operations and for deterrence. There should be a means to apply their wealth while not reducing the incentives in the capitalist system.

Although not previously recognized as a capitalistic necessity, it is essential that super-wealth must be effectively applied to ‘plow back’ the funding needed for entrepreneurial growth of the nation’s economy. The judgment of the super-wealthy definitely should be applied voluntarily, instead of by government taxation and bureaucratic ineffectiveness. Management by incentive is the principle that drives successful democratic, capitalistic governments.

We have previously sent our local congressman a proposal to have conventions of the super-wealthy to quickly study the means of growing the economy via a Foundation or number of Foundations that would apply wealth financing for entrepreneurs who would create immediate and consistently growing job availability. This type of top-down thought can generate an approach to the dual economic and military readiness problems, with constraints against degradation of the capitalist system that has made this country the world’s dominant Superpower.

In preference to direct taxation of the wealthy, these fortunate super-wealthy persons would be asked to set up a body of trained people who have been entrepreneurs, who have developed new technologies, who have managed and financed their own projects and who have also applied the MBA’s, accountants and legal experts to develop the rules for new technology projects. Security traders may supply insights for corporate organization and funding. The requirements for projects to fund generally are as follows:

  1. The projects should not be 'Mom and Pop' businesses, but should employ technology advancements or other advances in needed areas of business establishment and growth. An example is the writer’s business that has developed a superior, but low-cost means of strengthening all masonry buildings against earthquake forces. Another example is the development of scientific water location and drilling systems for developing water under various types of terrain, especially in dry areas. This can be a primary means of stopping diseases caused by contaminated water in third-world countries.
  2. The projects must have high profit potential and/or provide jobs for many people at all levels of skill.
  3. The projects may also develop highly needed infrastructure that is needed for efficient industry, communications and transportation. Inner city renewal projects and farmland development should be considered. Careful study and implementation of the means to secure energy independence within this hemisphere is essential to our security and economic health.
  4. There are also projects that deal with important medical problems that must be funded.
  5. Of course, the development of aircraft, missiles, defensive systems, military electronic systems, new technology weapons and the like is a synergistic need for the essential military build-up.

The means to increase the funding for immediate military build-up will not be available from these sources readily enough in many cases and the projects selected by the foundation management therefore need to be carefully selected for Mid-East conflict preparation. The economic build-up in other areas must be conducted insofar as possible but not to interfere with the defense of this nation and its allies, especially Israel. Again, overwhelming force is always needed, and supply lines must be fully adequate.

The ground forces will then be there in Iraq and Afghanistan to actually attack Hamas and Hezbollah if diplomacy and ship and air strikes are not enough, and if Israel could not take care of these puppets of Iran. We should wave a ‘big stick “. This need has not been heard in the media.

We should plan to maintain operating bases in Iraq and Afghanistan until all terrorism is defeated and peace is established in the Mid-East. We should supply major weapon systems, aircraft and missiles at these fixed bases, but with full protective measures, in preference to supplying such complex and classified systems to other nations. The bases in these countries are centrally located and are essential to opposing terrorism in the areas of the Mid-East, especially in Iran. Air-strike distances to Iran are too long for strikes from Israel and other bases that may otherwise be used. This was a primary reason to stay on in Iraq and Afghanistan that is not stated in the media.

It is also the writer's opinion that some of the generals may not completely understand these problems, especially the political factors requiring decisive actions with overwhelming force. They have been thinking that too many troops would irritate the population and cause early rejection of the democratic goals. This was only a problem for the first year or so of the U. S. and coalition presence in Iraq; certainly the elections have indicated a definite majority who favored the U. S. presence then. They will now see, especially with care in the public explanation, that we need overwhelming air forces, with many aircraft, missiles, advanced weapons and support that will help us to get Iran to fall back on their world-conquering, “Persian Empire II” nuclear objectives, also causing many problems in Iraq and other areas.

An example of correct tactics was that of concentrated attacks against terrorists at the Iraq/Syrian border in previous years. Yet, there apparently was not adequate sealing of this border because of lack of resolve and available manpower.

The driving consideration now is to gain certainty of final success and overcome the ‘cut and run’ liberal media spinning. This can only be accomplished through the short-term expansion of coalition forces until the above objectives are accomplished.

It is hoped that the more conservative media will make use of this and the previous inputs to influence the government and Israel and defeat the terrorism threatening Israel and the western nations. The End Times of the Christian Bible must actually be understood and covered in the media.

 We should now reduce this discussion to emphatically state our conclusions and recommendations:

  1. We should follow the belief tolerance, tolerant co-existence procedures and rules to justify peaceful co-existence between and among monotheistic Faiths in and around Israel.
  2. The Palestinians must immediately give up any plans for removal of Israel from the land that has been given to Israel by the Creator four millennia ago. Israel must have certainty of UN and/or U. S. backing. Actual sword-rattling by the U. S. is likely to be required.
  3. If necessary, we should cause the Palestinians to take control of their land in provinces, as part of the nation of Israel, until they indicate that they are willing to live totally in peace and can stand on their own financially.
  4. The Jews and Christians must retain East Jerusalem and the other key Christian and Jewish sacred sites in Israel and the West Bank; Israel must be allowed to control all air and sea approaches to its boundaries and facilities.
  5. However, a corridor must be left from the West Bank through East Jerusalem to the Temple Mount Moslem buildings, walling-off the southern end of the Temple mount for them.
  6. All areas approaching the Temple Mount access corridor and boundaries between Israel and the West Bank will be maintained by Israel, but subject to UN Security Council overview and general procedures. Specific procedures would be left to Israel.
  7. The Palestinians must be governed by their own democratic or parliamentary organization and constitutional procedures and have no allegiance to Hamas or Iran. If not so governed, the West Bank would become a province of Israel under the Israeli constitution. Palestinians will then have representation in the Israeli government, according to Israeli laws.
  8. The boundaries between Israel and the Palestinians as they have been before the 1967 6-day war must be revised as necessary to protect Israel from successful Hamas and Hezbollah or Palestinian attack. This must be according to new UN Security Council decisions that require U. S. concurrence as a direct ally of Israel. If not, the U. S. must act unilaterally to oppose the Palestinian State because of the Iranian and other adjacent Moslem intentions to destroy Israel and/or remove them entirely from their native land bestowed on them by the Creator about 4,000 years ago.
    The miraculous defeat of the neighboring Moslems in the 6-day war of 1967 are overwhelming precedents in the history of Israel. The historical precedents for a separate state within the ancient boundaries of Israel lack any pure claim or adequate justification for a separate Palestinian State within the West Bank. This was a monumental error of the United Nations in 1948. The United States of America is an ally of Israel who must act in their behalf.
  9. The Palestinians may still refuse to honor the provisions above and continue to require that Israel give up the entire West Bank and East Jerusalem, with the sacred sites of Israel and the Christian nations there, in exchange for peace. This would be continued obstinacy, even though they have been offered the “carrot” of
    military follow-up. Therefore, together with Israel, The U. S. must also be willing to apply “the stick”, if needed for peace to be accepted.
  10. The UN Security Council must be made effective to deal properly with these problems being caused by the militant, empire-building Jihadist Moslems. The UN must be organized into the same type of people-controlled organizations that have successfully governed the democratic nations. The democratic nations are the best examples of the type of organization that functions most effectively in the government of citizens who may have various beliefs and cultures.
  11. The UN Security Council should be similar to a committee of the Senate of the United States in that it would be comprised of a smaller group of participants who would have longer terms in office and would be “heads” of groups of nations. Each group of UN nations should be as compatible as possible in regard to their closer geographical location, and similar ethnicity, culture and spiritual beliefs. The groups would have representatives similar to those of the lower House of Parliament in England or the House of Representatives in the USA. The security Council Heads thereby should have representatives of groups of nations under them to quickly conduct voting to provide the Security Council members with feedback from their populations.

The attached copy of a power point presentation gives an example of the organization that would closely follow these concepts. The concepts are based primarily on the prophetic "7 Heads, 10 Horns" teachings of the Judeo/Christian Bible in the books of Daniel and Revelation.

The Bible gives this Creator guidance that should not be ignored. According to the Bible prophecies, the guidance will be altered by the Antichrist, but the alteration will be overcome by God. The relatively successful organizations of the USA, England, English-speaking nations and most European nations are the primary noteworthy examples appropriate to the revised UN organization.

The power point presentation indicates that the UN organization should be proportionately controlled by the larger national entities in proportion to their economic and military contribution to the UN, as a body intended to govern the matters of world peace and prosperity. Other matters that do not deal with financial or international legal matters, cooperative business and military matters among nations should be left to the individual states as in the examples of the United States Constitution or British parliament.

The UN Security Council or the U.S. and other members acting independently, given UN failure to act decisively, must then bring this stalemate in the Mid-East to a halt through decisive, clear warnings. This is the “stick” warning to deploy forces that can carry out proper  military action successfully, if needed.

The above East Jerusalem and Temple Mount provisions are intended to lead to immediate peace between Israel and its neighbor nations, but with definite use of force, if needed.

ONE WORLD ORDER’.  There should never be an attempt to seek One World Order in the context of dominant belief, ethnicity, laws, cultural systems, or certainly not dictatorship. UN world order is not yet workable as it is organized and managed. As previously contemplated by various world organizations, notably those planning to coerce or force their beliefs or laws on others, there must be overall control by protective UN assemblies as benevolent UN authority, or a benevolent superpower if UN action is not adequate or timely.

No nation must be allowed to seek control of other nations under one individual or nation, orbelief system, ethnicity, laws or cultural systems. All UN nations must rise up against interference with such rights and provide protection against tyrannical rule.

Each nation state must be free to exercise its own variations of human choices withoutdetriment to others, though each belief or cultural system must be allowed to teach the essential precepts of their beliefs to the others in educational institutions of higher learning, in non-mandatory courses of study.

lsrael also must be permitted to set the borders for their security and visitor traffic, with capable and determined backing from the enforcing UN and/or U.S. Ally, as required.

One World Order limitations.”  Regarding the other functions that should be carried out by the UN governing body of nations, there is too much disparity of individual nations and their cultures, beliefs, background factors and ethnic values to govern them from the UN at the local and community levels typical of counties, boroughs and cities in democratic nations.

Decisions that would affect the prerogatives of each country in similarity to appropriate matters addressed in each state of our own nation such as individual rights, education, safety, health, real estate and local government systems of each state, should be left to nations as they are currently established.

Individual business and commercial rights of each business entity should be addressed at worldwide levels of government if conflicts arise between businesses that cross borders. The matters affecting businesses that cross borders should be addressed only within the nations having the managing control of such enterprises, unless conflicts develop at government levels. Resort to International courts should be limited to those that negotiation cannot resolve.

Individual rights should be as expressed in the U.S. Constitutional amendments discussed above regarding rights to worship and teach beliefs on a voluntary basis, while not causing mandatory attendance by believers in different faiths. Other U.S. constitutional amendments have developed the individual rights further. Safety includes the rights of individuals against crime and also against hostile military action.

Following these concepts, Israel must be permitted to rebuild their Temple on the Temple Mount in East Jerusalem on the most suitable site previously selected in the time of Israeli Kings David and Solomon, as the God of the Judeo/Christian faiths chose the site in about 1,000 BC. Peaceful co-existence with the Islamic facilities, beliefs and culture must be mutually accommodated and a corridor into the Moslem facilities from the West Bank must be provided, with a wall between the facilities of the different faiths for mutual security.

UN, U.S. and Israel can augment Palestinian funds for moving of people as necessary to facilitate the establishment of new borders set for Israel’s security.

If Israel retains sovereignty over the West Bank and Judea, part of the original Creator land grant, the rights of the Palestinians will be protected through proportionate population representation in the government of Israel as in the states of the USA.

There should be no recognition of a Palestinian state unless Hamas has no representation in that state and unless the United states concurs, as the primary ally of the state of Israel. 

Ratification of the provisions of a treaty to protect the rights of the parties should only be provided by the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and the allies of Israel.

Very sincerely and thoughtfully offered,

William Mohlenhoff , Captain, U.S. Navy, Retired


Brief resume of the author, William Mohlenhoff

Born in Mattoon, Illinois on August 28, 1928. Moved to California at age of 7, in 1935, during the depression years. High IQ, skipped 5th grade, graduated second in high school class at Hemet, California. Father was a farm owner in Illinois and owned ranches in California.

BS, Navy flight and Officer Training, AE, (CalTech), MBA, (UCLA)

Naval Aviator with 3 Fighter aircraft deployments on aircraft carriers, combat in Korea and Viet Nam; also substantial test flying experience.

Manager of Aircraft and Weapon System Design, testing, Procurement, Employment and Support
Managed design effort by Navy and contractors for Navy F-14 Aircraft Carrier Fighter
Managed new air-to-air missile program with presentations to DOD and Congress
Managed analysis of new fighter aircraft, the F/A-18 Hornet, to replace F-4 Phantom and A-7 Attack Aircraft;
now the primary fighter and ground attack aircraft on aircraft carriers in Middle-East operations.

Major Senior Command Staff for a year, second in seniority to a 3 star Admiral;
Awarded Legion of Merit and highest possible recommendation for advanced promotion to the rank of Admiral.

(Retired before rank accepted to take a position in aircraft and missile design at Northrop Aircraft, with 4 children in college on the west coast.)

Left the Aerospace profession to design a system to utilize aerospace polymer resins to strengthen construction applications. Engineered a system to strengthen masonry buildings to withstand earthquake forces; 6 buildings subjected to Northridge earthquake in North Los Angeles; no damage, no cracking while substantial damage occurred in  masonry buildings next door. The 'Center Core' system has strengthened over 70 buildings in 6 states. It is Patented and ready for a worldwide construction program to save lives in earthquake regions.

Also, with pen-name Will Hoffmill, after Twenty-Five year intensive studies of the Christian Bible, authored the Book “Omega Chronicles” on Christian theology and prophecy.

67 years service to GOD and Country


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