The Coming Temple—Center Stage for the Final Countdown

These two audio files contain a 1995 study by Dr. Chuck Missler—an update on events relative to the Temple.
This teaching also contains material from the 1995 Annual Temple Conference that was held in Jerusalem.

Some questions that are addressed:

1. What is the prophetic significance of the current plans to rebuild the Temple?
2. How have recent discoveries of modern science impacted the search for the location of the Temple?
3. Did the Temple stand to the North of the Dome of the Rock... or to the South... or maybe exactly right where of the Dome of the Rock stands today?


Audio File 1  Update on The Coming Temple

Teaching and Background by Dr. Chuck Missler (86 minutes)


Audio File 2  (Content Below)

Speaker From the 1995 Temple Mount Conference Audio Timeframe
Dr. Chuck Missler Introduction to an Interview with Stanley Goldfoot 0 - :36
Stanley Goldfoot Scandalous Activity on the Temple Mount :37 - 11:49
Joel Lerner Lecture excerpt: Location of the Ark of the Covenant 11:50 - 24:39
Dr. Dan Bahat Lecture excerpt: Dome of the Rock Location 24:40 - 40:29
Tuvia Sagiv Lecture excerpt: Southern Location 40:30 - 1:26:04
Dr. Asher Kaufman Lecture excerpt: Northern Location 1:26:05 - 1:30:12


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