The following historcial, background information is my contribution to this web site. The author is an American evangelical Christian. The reader will perceive my Christian perspective in the essays which follow. I am a long-term friend of the Jewish people and supporter of the State of Israel, but have also travelled and worked in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries and I know first hand of God's love for all peoples of the earth.

My professional field of speciality is the application of modern remote sensing and geophysical methods to archaeology. I have been especially interested in the history and archaeology of the Temple Mount since 1974. My own web site library has additional articles which are more theological in nature. I have also provided brief descriptions of modern scientific methods useful in archaeology and also a short report on our 1983 field season in Israel.

For specific information on Jewish preparations for the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem see The Temple Institute web site.

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Because of our sins we were exiled from our country
and banished from our land.

We cannot go up as pilgrims to worship Thee,
to perform our duties in Thy chosen house,
the great and Holy Temple which was called by Thy name,
on account of the hand that was let loose on Thy sanctuary.

May it be Thy will, Lord our God and God of our fathers, merciful King,
in Thy abundant love again to have mercy on us and on Thy sanctuary;
rebuild it speedily and magnify its glory.

(The Jewish Prayer Book)

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