Temple Mount Videos

NOTE: These YouTube videos are collected here for convenience and easy viewing.
Having these various videos on this site does not at all endorse their full content.

Amazing Virtual Reconstruction of the Second Temple Mount

Uploaded October 2010 (On YouTube)

Additional Temple Mount Model Videos


Third Temple Has Begun... Now Being Built!

Published April 2013 (On YouTube)


The Temple Mount with David Reagan

Published April 2012 (On YouTube)


Secrets of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem - Tuvia Sagiv

Published April 2011 (On YouTube)


Dome of the Rock • Temple Mount • Jerusalem • Epicenter

Based on the novel "Epicenter" by Joel C. Rosenberg

Uploaded October 2011 (On YouTube)



Video Series: Gershon Salomon Speaks about the Third Temple

Video Series: Light to the Nations Video Teaching Archive with Rabbi Chaim Richman

Video Series: Jerusalem - The Making of a Holy City (BBC Documentary)

Short Video: The Temple Mount (On Jerusalem.com)


Stunning Jerusalem Fly Over in IMAX 3D

Published September 2012 (On YouTube)


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