One of the major dreams and plans of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement is to hold an international conference in Jerusalem of all the members and friends of the Movement. At the conference we shall honor the G-d of Israel and discuss ways to rebuild His House on the Temple Mount in our time. Besides the conference, we plan to take all the participants to the Temple Mount and to tour the land in a special way visiting the Biblical sites and seeing how they have become settled and renewed in modern Israel.


We would encourage all groups visiting Israel to arrange a meeting with Gershon Salomon, the chairman of the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement. Gershon met and lectured to many groups and even visited many holy sites together with them. They have been unforgettable experiences. He will be more than glad to meet every group or individual who visits Jerusalem. Please contact him as early as possible to arrange a meeting. His number at home is 972 281 5308 (after 6th August 9722 581 5308) or to the numbers of the office of the movement or by letter or fax.

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