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1. Liberating the Temple Mount from Arab (Islamic) occupation. The Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque were placed on this Jewish or Biblical holy site as a specific sign of Islamic conquest and domination. The Temple Mount can never be consecrated to the Name of G-d without removing these pagan shrines. It has been suggested that they be removed, transferred to and rebuilt at Mecca.

2. Consecrating the Temple Mount to the Name of G-d so that it can become the moral and spiritual center of Israel, of the Jewish people and of the entire world according to the words of all the Hebrew prophets. It is envisioned that the consecration of the Temple Mount and the Temple itself will focus Israel on (a) fulfilling the vision and mission given at Mt. Sinai for Israel to be a chosen people separate unto G-d, a holy nation, and a nation of priests, and (b) becoming a light unto all the nations [Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 42:61 so that the Name of G-d may he revered by all nations and the Biblical way of life may be propagated throughout the world.

3. Rebuilding the Third Temple in accordance with the words of all the Hebrew prophets. This temple will he a house of prayer for the people of Israel and all nations.

4. Providing a Biblical point of assembly in order that all Israel may fulfill the commandment to assemble three times annually at the times of G-d's festivals and at the place where G-d established His Name forever.

5. Making Biblical Jerusalem the real, undivided capital of the state of Israel.

6. Rejecting false "peace talks" which will result in the dividing of Israel and the breaking of G-d's covenant. G-d promised to Abraham and to his seed that the land and the borders of Israel are eternal and cannot be divided and given to other people and nations.

7. Supporting the settlements in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the Golan Heights as they are holy. No one is allowed to break the Word and the Will of G-d by commanding the settlers to leave. In the Biblical era, G-d commanded the people of Israel to settle the land completely. This command is applicable today. The holy connection and covenant between G-d, the People of Israel and the Land of Israel is eternal.


1. To strengthen the organizational structure of the movement in Jerusalem in order to pursue its long-term objectives.

2. To raise the awareness of the people of Israel to the significance of their nation in G-d's plan of redemption. This will be accomplished in a number of ways including (a) youth education, (b) formation of youth clubs, (c) publication and propagation of relevant educational materials.

3. To demonstrate the fulfillment of the TANACH to the people of Israel.

4. To publicly proclaim the message of the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Movement in newspapers, flyers, posters, newsletters, radio and television.

5. To demonstrate publicly to raise awareness of Israel to the issue of the Third Temple, the Temple Mount and the Land of Israel.

6. To buy a house in the Old City (Biblical Jerusalem) near the Temple Mount to establish a spiritual and educational center to be used by everyone. The four-ton cornerstone will be stored and exhibited on this site. This first stone of the Third Temple will soon he laid.

7. To organize conferences for the study of the issues dealing with the Temple Mount and the Third Temple.

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