The following are some statements of fundamental policy of the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful:

1. Israel is the elect nation of G-d, sovereignly chosen for His purpose as a vessel through which redemption will he accomplished.

2. The Land of Israel (Biblical borders) was given specifically to the people of Israel and to no other nation. Israel is not permitted to give any of this land to any group for any purpose since the land is a grant to Israel from G-d Himself. Any division of the Land and the giving of it to another people represents a breach of the Covenant with G-d.

3. It is the distinct privilege and responsibility of every Jewish person to return to the Land of Israel and to directly participate in the redemption process. Anyone not exercising this privilege will lose it.

4. The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement is dedicated to the fulfillment of every detail of G-d's commandments as recorded in the TANACH.

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